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swim Lessons


Mommy & Me

  With a small child, every time you get in the pool and practice the skills learned, your child is gaining valuable knowledge and making connections 

about their body, the water, and how the two are related. 

Our Mommy & Me classes are structured as small groups for swimmers ranging in age from 6-18 months.  Private classes can also be scheduled. This educational class style introduces the following basic skills:

 floating, putting face in the water, holding breath, reaching forward, and kicking. 


Swim Lessons

 Our traditional swim lessons are for swimmers ages 12 months - 15 years.  They are considered an "accelerated teach-to-swim" program and consist of five one-on-one sessions, 30 minutes each for five consecutive days, typically Monday- Friday.   At the end of the week, we will "showcase" the skills your swimmer has learned and provide you with the individualized information needed to help keep these skills a splashing success until your swimmer is ready to progress to the next swim station level.  (see below)

We also offer continuing lessons and refresher sessions upon request.


Adult Lessons


Our main goal for adult swimmers is to help them be able to care for themselves in the water. We will help you set up achievable goals, assist you as you work toward those goals, and celebrate with you once you’ve met those goals.  The lessons consist of three initial sessions, 30 minutes each.  Then, we will review the skills learned, provide the basic information needed to help continue progressing as you practice on your own.  

15 years & UP 

Accelerated Swim - station progression


Station 1 swimmers will learn to hold their breath, kick on command, work toward floating independently, and gain a healthy respect for the water.  they are still considered hands-on swimmers.


Swimmers at this level are able to swim short distances on their own.  They are able to either float independently or turn themselves around and return to a given destination, should they fall or jump into the water.


At this level, swimmers are able to maintain themselves in the water for longer periods of time.  Not only are they able to swim longer distances and take breaths on their won, they are also beginning to learn the stroke basics.


Station 4 swimmers focus primarily on learning the basic swim strokes.  Swimmers at this level are able to name, describe, and complete 25 yards of each stroke at a basic level.


Lessons at this level are geared toward stroke knowledge, duration and efficiency.  Swimmers will be able to swim an IM, showing "mastery" of all four strokes.


After a week of lesson with us, we are happy to help you schedule lessons once or twice weekly to keep those skills fresh and continue your progress. 

What makes us different?

 It is our goal to preserve an environment which includes a high degree of innovation, goal orientation, quality ideas from the swimming community and a coherent direction for action. By providing a variety of proper techniques and services, we are able to satisfy the needs of the community. Our professionally run, lifeguard supervised organization offers well trained staff that are prepared to work with swimmers of all ages. Our program  is designed to accomplish effective and rapid learning. Every student is taught with care, compassion, good humor, respect and understanding.  

That being said, YOU are the primary safety provider for your child in any setting. During lessons, handing that role over to our instructors may seem difficult. Rest assured that all of our instructors are trained and certified to fill that role during your child’s experience with us. At our facility, you are an observer and along with your child, you are a student. Take in everything you see and hear. You will be able to use this information as you work with your child in the water following completion of their lessons.